A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Game created for 7drl 2019

There's a nasty baddie named Chelzrath at the bottom of a system of dungeons and caves and YOU for whatever reason have decided that you want to do something about it.  It's a bad idea but whatever...

You're a fairly normal, weak human but you do have one special ability up your sleeve... you can equip and use SYMBIONS, small magical parasites that you can attach to your body (ew) that give you some special abilities.  You'll start the game with one, but will find more as you explore the game... you'll want to have a few when you finally meet up with Chelzrath.

Good luck.

LINUX instructions.. to play this game on linux you must first install https://www.love2d.org/   Once that is in place then you should be able to either double click the .love file to play, or drag/drop the love file onto the running love2d window.


Symbion_windows.zip 6 MB
Symbion_macOS.zip 8 MB
symbion.love 2 MB

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