created for the 2018 7drl competition... a space themed roguelike.

press ? for some help.. press Z to toggle the sounds.

pew pew

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorCody Loyd
GenreRole Playing


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I picked up the keys, walked back to my spaceship...and then nothing happened. Did I miss something?

oh no! :(

are you sure the keys were in your inventory??  IF so then it should have given you a 'you win!' message.  So sorry it bugged out on you.

YOU WIN! 🎉 congratzz

I win finally! 

Nice game. CONGRATZ!

wow really? lol I haven't even beat it myself yet.

Pretty cool mood!


codyloyd! I will be streaming your game tomorrow! follow my twitch channel for details and times! feel free to stop in and chat with the audience.

twitch --->: