top-down procgen courses, turn based, abilities to earn, permadeath... this puppy is a roguelike.

Let's shirk our responsibilities and play a game of mini golf.

The sun's out.  It's a beautiful day.

Complete  hole #9 to win.

Click and drag to aim the ball, spacebar to hit

If you happen upon an unplayable course (sorry!) press TAB to generate a new one.


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I've had some fun playing with this the last few days :) I did have a bit of initial confusion making sure I understood the controls/UI, particularly realizing I could just click to choose my power level: I'm more used to a "click and drag" which chooses both direction and power. But once I got that it worked well! I could see this sort of "powerup-based golf" being expanded/refined and becoming a very fun game. Nice work!

Did I cheat... maybe... Did I have fun.. absolutely!

Very nice game

Excellent little game -- another I'd love to see on mobile. Pick 1 of 2 powerups are great and something I wanted to implement in my entry but ran out of time. Took me a sec to get the controls but I accidentally skipped the intro so may have missed the instructions :)

Amazing game. So much fun.

Love it! Failed on my first run after a couple holes, but beat it on the second run with some very lucky shots. The power ups and shot modifiers are really satisfying to build up. It was especially great to put a bunch of them to use on my final shots.

Super cute graphics! I like the swimmy background animation.

This game is a masterpiece.

nice game, I hate that I suck so much at it :)

Satisfaction on point