Every night your dreams take you to a strange cell with a locked door.

You've discovered that the rooms you find yourself in can be unlocked by transcribing musical patterns into the floor tiles, but you have to be quick! There's some kind of wicked apparition only a few steps behind you!

As you close your eyes you wonder how far you'll make it before you are caught and awakened yet again.


  • Arrow keys to move.
  • Use `x` to place markers on the board. 

Your goal is to match the pattern that's playing in the background before you run out of moves.  If you get a correct note it'll turn green!  If you get an incorrect note it might turn into a spider!  Spiders can't hurt you, but they CAN eat your markers.. so watch out!  Incorrect notes will also uncover correct notes that are near them.

Once you run out of moves the GHOST appears.. and once he catches you the game is over!  It is technically possible to escape from the ghost... you ARE faster than him (though he can move diagonally and you can not).

You have a couple of special abilities that you can access with the keys `z` and `s`.  Z is the 'spider blaster'... it will kill all spiders that are in any spot adjacent to you on the board.  S is the 'search' ability.. it will uncover any notes that are in a spot adjacent to you.

spacebar pauses the music.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorCody Loyd


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An incredible idea for a game! Adding game play mechanics to a sequencer-esque grid is something I've never seen before. The music is very relaxing, and the sound of the level completing in time to the music is super satisfying.
Edit: The door wouldn't open on level 5, so I thought this was just a demo. Seems to be the only real bug, the rest seems solid